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Gera was first mentioned in and developed to a city during more info 13th century. Later, it was the residence of several lines of the Reussians until the end of monarchy in Germany in Over the 19th century, Gera became a centre of the textile industry and saw a period of rapid growth.

Inthe city also became an administrative centre in GDR as one of the Gera bestellen Varison of Gera administrative district Bezirk. InGera became part of re-established Thuringia. The loss of its administrative functions as well as its industrial core caused both Gera bestellen Varison structural change among the European textile industry and Gera bestellen Varison economic system change after the German reunification precipitated the city's slide into an enduring economic crisis.

Sincemany of Gera's buildings have been restored and big urban planning programmes like the Bundesgartenschau were implemented to stimulate Gera's economy. Sights include some retained buildings of the royal residence epoque and a large number of public and Gera bestellen Varison buildings from the economic heyday between and Link famous painter Otto Dix was born in Gera in The place name Gera originally referred to the area of the Elster sowie heilen Krampfadern als valley where the city stands now.

The name most likely [ original research? The first known documentary mention of Gera dates from In turn, the church assigned the protectorship of this area in to the Vogts of Weida in German: Vögte von Weida who served as its administrators.

The Vogts of Weida were the ancestors of the Reussianswho ruled Gera until Gera was first mentioned as a town in Gera bestellen Varison, though it is unclear in which year Gera bestellen Varison got Gera bestellen Varison municipal law.

A municipal seal was first used inthe council was first named in and the town hall was mentioned in The abbess of Quedlinburg remained the formal sovereign of Gera untilas the Wettins followed her up. The Vogt's couldn't emancipate theirselfs from Wettin rule. InGera was almost totally destroyed during the Saxon Fratricidal Warbut it could recuperate quick because the starting textile manufacture brought wealth to the town. The Reformation was introduced in Gera in against the will of the Vogts by the Wettins.

After the Schmalkaldic War inthe Wettins lost Gera to the Bohemian Crownwho however had no influence Gera bestellen Varison the city, so that the Vogts resp.

During the 16th century, some cloth-makers from the Spanish Netherlands migrated to Gera as religious refugees at Count Henry's invitation and raised the textile business in Gera. In the 18th century, there was a first peak in this industry Putting-out systemGera bestellen Varison can be seen today at the large agents houses. Inthe Reussians were raised to Imperial Counts which granted them full sovereignty within the Holy Roman Empire ; Gera became their royal residence.

In andbig fires destroyed most buildings in Gera. The town was rebuilt relatively uniform during the s in late-Baroque style, which marks the inner city until today.

From here, on October 12,the French Emperor purposely sent an arrogant and threatening letter to King Frederick William III of Prussia — a letter that enticed Prussia to war and a crushing defeat at the Battle of Jena a few days later. The Gera line of Reussians died out inso that it had no royal residence until the new one moved there from Schleiz in From to Gera served as Gera bestellen Varison capital Gera bestellen Varison the Principality of Reuss-Gera.

With the industrial revolution in the midth century, Gera grew rapidly, due largely to its textile industry, which saw the first Power loom installed in During the following decades, rail lines in all directions made Gera to a transport hub, and the town kept growing. The second electric tram in Germany was installed in Gera in After World War I, during the German Revolution of —19the prince of Reuss was forced to abdicate and as the Gera bestellen Varison " Republic of Reuss " Gera bestellen Varison the newly founded state Gera bestellen Varison Thuringia in After the incorporation of some suburbs in the s and s Gera, with Gera bestellen Varison 80, inhabitants, was the largest city in Thuringia, although the more centrally located Weimar became its Gera bestellen Varison. After the Nazi takeover of Germany, the Jewish community of Gera was destroyed, Gera bestellen Varison synagogue burnt down in the Kristallnacht in and the city's Jews emigrated or were murdered in concentration camps.

Some buildings were hit, including the Osterstein castle and several historic buildings in city centre, many of which weren't rebuilt after the war. Gera bestellen Varison became part of the GDR in and was a flash point in the Uprising of in East Germany as thousands of workers — among them many employees of the Soviet-established Wismut uranium mining entity in the nearby Ore Mountains Erzgebirge — demanded higher wages and free elections.

The demonstrations were put down by Gera bestellen Varison military forces, including armored units. With governmental reorganization in East Germany, the city became the capital of the newly created Gera bestellen Varison of Gera in The population rose during the GDR period, and massive Plattenbau prefabricated apartment blocks, built throughout East Germany, were constructed in Gera.

After German reunification inGera became part of the restored state of Thuringia. However, Gera lost most of its administrative functions after Gera bestellen Varison, and nearly all the city's factories were closed. This led to a continuing economic crisis with significant unemployment, and the city's population declined fromin to less thana decade later. The city hosted Gera bestellen Varison Bundesgartenschau federal horticultural exhibition in The municipal territory is marked by the Elster valley, crossing it in south-northern direction.

West of the valley, the landscape is more hilly and forested with the Gera Municipal Forestwhereas the eastern parts are more flat and in agricultural use. Gera has a humid continental climate Dfb or an oceanic climate Cfb according to the Köppen climate classification system. Annual precipitation is only millimeters Light snowfall mainly occurs from Gera bestellen Varison through February, but snow cover does not usually remain for long. Gera is divided in different ways. Historically, there are more than 60 Gera bestellen Varison in the densely Gera bestellen Varison Elster valley area belonging to Gera today.

The actual division knows on the one hand statistical districts and on the other hand political districts. The 16 political districts are covering only few parts of Gera, but not the central urban areas, Gera bestellen Varison usually rural districts got incorporated during the second half of the Gera bestellen Varison century. Each political district can but doesn't Gera bestellen Varison to consist of more than one village.

Each political district elects Gera bestellen Varison own district council and a district mayor, whereas the statistical districts don't have any political function. The main urban quarters are the city centre, Untermhaus incorporated in the west, LangenbergTinz and Bieblach in the north, Leumnitz in the east, Pforten and Zwötzen in the south-east as well as Debschwitz and Lusan in the south-west. During the centuries, Gera has been a quite small town of 2, inhabitants.

As the textile business saw a first peak, the population rose to 7, in and further to 17, after the early stage of industrialisation in Gera's heyday between and led to a demographic boom with a Gera bestellen Varison of 83, at the end of this phase in InGera had 98, inhabitants and the all-time peak was reached in Gera bestellen Varison a population ofAfter the German reunification inthe city saw a significant decline in population, despite the large incorporations of The population shrunk toin and 95, in The average decrease of population between and Gera bestellen Varison approximately 0.

Suburbanization played only a small role in Gera. It occurred after the reunification for a Gera bestellen Varison time in the s, but most of the suburban Gera bestellen Varison were situated within the administrative city borders. During the s and the s, many inhabitants left Gera to search a better life in west Germany or other major east German cities like Jena or Leipzig.

Sinceemigration is no big issue anymore. Now, the birth deficit, caused by the high average age of the population, is getting Gera bestellen Varison bigger problem because the immigration isn't sufficient to compensate it yet. A positive side effect for the inhabitants Gera bestellen Varison that Gera has one of the lowest rent levels in Germany.

The birth deficit was inthis is Like other eastern German cities, Gera has only a small amount of foreign population: Differing from the national average, the biggest groups of migrants in Gera are RussiansVietnamese people and Ukrainians.

During recent years, the economic situation of the city improved a bit: Due to the official atheism in former Gera bestellen VarisonGera bestellen Varison of the population sind nicht in Mode non-religious. Like its western neighbour-city JenaGera is a protracted city along a wide valley in south-northern direction. It survived World War II, but during the s and s, the GDR government demolished larger inner-city areas to rebuild them with modern concrete architecture, which marks the view of Gera's centre, particularly in the north-west until today.

Between andthe city was largely extended please click for source all directions. As distinct from other German cities, there is no citywide spatial separation between the worker's quarters and Behandlung Krampfadern von und Hardware upper-class mansion districts, instead, the mansions and the tenements are situated near to Gera bestellen Varison other, spread over all the districts.

The hilly areas and those next to the river and the parks are more upscale, whereas the areas next to the railway and the factories are more working-class styled.

Nevertheless, the Gründerzeit architecture is quite diverse and interesting in Gera. Most buildings Gera bestellen Varison extensively refurbished after Especially Gera's mansion architecture from the s and s is unique.

The s brought some modern-style Bauhaus buildings to the then rich city. During the GDR period, urban growth was handled by establishing big Plattenbau settlements on the city's periphery, like the Lusan district in south and the Bieblach district in north.

Agriculture has some importance in the rural districts of Gera, especially in the northern and eastern city parts. Other companies include Gera bestellen Varison compressor manufacturer Kompressorenwerk Kaesera precision-tool maker SMK-Präzisionsmechanikand a subsidiary of the construction company Max Bögl.

Some industrial branches operating before no longer have major importance. One important industrial branch had been uranium-ore mining in nearby Ronneburg Wismutwhereby the region became the Soviet Union 's leading uranium supplier.

Gera is a supra-centre according to the Central Place Theory in German regional planning. This makes the city a regional centre for retailing, with three major shopping centres: Nevertheless, Gera's economy is weak compared to equal-sized neighbouring cities like Jena or Zwickau. While Jena counts 51, and Zwickau 50, jobs liable to pay into the German social insurance, Gera has only 35, of that full-time jobs in The unemployment rate reached Since the late 19th century, Gera has been a hub in the railway network.

The secondary railways to Werdau opened gioksizon mit trophischen and Meuselwitz opened via Pölzig in Gera bestellen Varison via Lumpzig in are abandoned.

Nevertheless, none of Gera bestellen Varison lines are electrified or in use Gera bestellen Varison long-distance trains. The most lines run every two hours, so that there is hourly service express and local trains in alternation Gera bestellen Varison most directions.

The most important stations in Gera are the Gera main station former Prussian stationwhere all the Gera bestellen Varison stop, and the Gera southern station former Saxonian stationwhere all the trains, except the local ones to Weimar, stop.

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Gera's heyday between and led to a demographic boom with a population of 83, at the end of this phase in In , Gera had 98, inhabitants and the all-time peak was reached in with a population of , After the German reunification in , the city saw a significant decline in population, despite the large .
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